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With a MyDealer account, you can access your invoices and statements and make online ACH payments – all in one convenient place. We can also accommodate electronic delivery of invoices and statements. (Sign up for MyDealer to get your payments posted to your Compact Construction Equipment account faster than using the legacy UTA ACH payment system.) 

    All of your account payment information right at your fingertips – no matter where you are or where you’re working! Do business with ease with Compact Construction Equipment’s MyDealer Customer Portal today! Sign up today at

    How does MyDealer work?

    Compact Construction Equipment LLC has grown to be the region’s leader in providing equipment sales, rentals, parts and service support with 16 full service locations across west, central and south Texas. 

    Offering a complete line of commercial and residential construction, landscaping, agricultural and grounds maintenance equipment, our success is your success. A big part of that success is making sure you are able to conduct business with us easily and at your convenience. With MyDealer, we can offer you around-the-clock access to your financial account history.


    Opt in to receive invoices and statements electronically delivered to your inbox.


    Make online ACH payments on your Compact Construction Equipment account.


    Easily and quickly access your electronic invoices and statements to archive for future use. 

    Please note: For the best experience, please use MyDealer on a PC-based desktop computer (i.e., not an Apple Macintosh nor a mobile device).